What we do

Property development

Deconstruction of former manufacturing sites and conversion to residential or commercial properties


In cooperation with our neighbour, Paul Wurth, we are currently developing some 21 hectares of land to create a mixed-use urban district with a total of approx. 400,000 m2 GFA, of which 125,000 m2 is owned by the Landewyck family. At least half of the district is designated for residential use, and approximately 20,000m2 will be reserved for retail and gastronomy. The area is centrally located in Luxembourg City, just 300 m away from the main train station.

A special development plan (PAP) is currently being established, based on a master plan by the firm Albert Speer & Partner and Architectes Paczowski & Fritsch. The schedule for this new district currently comprises the following milestones:


Feasibility studies planning process


Special development plan (PAP = Plan d’aménagement particulier)


Removal of the final production equipment off the premises, start of clearing work and preparation of infrastructure


First phase of new streets finished and completion of the district’s first new buildings


The Ettelbruck factory lies at the southern entrance to the city between the railway line and the N7 road. Today, the 2-hectare plot of land is home to a Gulf petrol station with shop, a factory and office belonging to the mechanical engineering firm Imatec, two residential buildings and office blocks, and the cigarette and filter factory. The factory will also be transferred to the new site in Fridhaff at the end of 2019. Medium-term plans comprise the conversion of the factory buildings and one of the residential properties. The relevant feasibility studies are currently in progress.

Projects currently in development

Conversion of the historic offices and factory situated at 31, rue de Hollerich

The listed building is a landmark example of architecture on rue de Hollerich. Built in 1937 in typical Bauhaus style, the building  was home to administrative offices, together with almost 4000 m2 of factory and warehousing space. Landimmo Real Estate will be converting the property into a modern office building beginning spring 2020. The objective is to develop individual units – starting at 400 m2 – for a number of different tenants. The team from Belvedere Architecture / HLG / Enerventis were commissioned with the design of the conversion project.

The conversion of a mansion at Ettelbruck

Located at the southern entrance to the city between railway line and the N7 road lies a 2 hectare plot of land belonging to Landewyck Group. The mansion built in the 20th century currently undergoes construction and will offer 400 sqm of office space for a new tenant. It is surrounded by a small parc. The property is situated between Gare de Schieren and Gare de Ettelbruck. 

Property management

Rental contract management, technical maintenance, invoicing

Today, our property management team is primarily managing real estate at Ettelbruck and Strassen.

Our real estate portfolio in Strassen comprises the former premises of the wholesale company Fixmer, with approx. 1 hectare of space. The factory buildings were taken over in 2013 and converted for a range of different tenants. Today, the site comprises approx. 5850 m2 of rented warehouse space and offices, showrooms, a training centre and a gym. The Strassen site is managed by Industra, a wholly owned subsidiary of Landimmo.

In the medium term, the property management team will be expanded to additionally manage all real estate that is being redeveloped in Hollerich and which will remain within our portfolio. Our real estate portfolio has the potential to grow to approx. 100,000 m2 GFA.

Property consultancy

Our consultancy services cover the following topics:

  • Extension or partial demolition of industrial premises

  • Support with renting or selling disused industrial premises

  • Support with planning permission queries

Landimmo operates in this field on both a national and international level, with operations in Fridhaff and Bascharage (Luxembourg), Trier (Germany), Roosendaal (the Netherlands) and Debrecen (Hungary). Consultancy services will also be available for private individuals or companies outside the Group in the future.