About us

The beginning

Over the past 170 years a lot of major decisions have been made that have shaped the future of tobacco production. One of these decisions has been the construction of a new, state-of-the-art factory in Fridhaff, in the north of the Grand Duchy, which was completed in 2019. This presented the opportunity to redevelop the abandoned areas in Hollerich and Ettelbruck. Landimmo Real Estate was founded in 2012 for this endeavor.


Landimmo has recorded steady growth. Until four years ago, the company only employed two people. Today, Landimmo employs an efficient nine-person team consisting of a general manager, an assistant/project manager, two architectural project managers, a project assistant, a marketing manager, a financial controller, an accountant and a facility manager. In the medium term, the number of employees will increase as the company recruits a civil engineering specialists, as well as other profiles.

Our philosophy

We insist on delivering a high standard of service to echo the corporate philosophy of the Landewyck Group. The key focus of our real estate business is to achieve long-term ROI and promote sustainable construction. Landimmo is customer service-oriented and has an open mindset with regards to employing and developing innovative solutions.

Jürgen Primm

Ceo at Landimmo

We not only position ourselves as property developers, but also play a significant role in helping create and maintain a dynamic, sustainable neighbourhood.