About us

Landimmo specialises in property management and development. As part of the Landewyck Group (LAG), we focus on building long-standing, reliable partnerships, testimony to which is the tobacco factory – the group’s core business – which has been part of Luxembourg’s heritage since 1847.

The beginning

Over the past 170 years,

whole host of major decisions have been made that have shaped the future of tobacco production. One of these decisions has been the construction of a new, state-of-the-art factory in Fridhaff, in the north of the Grand Duchy, which will be completed in 2019. The disused production sites in Hollerich and Ettelbruck will then be redeveloped by Landimmo.



employs a small, efficient five-person team consisting of a manager, an assistant / project manager, an architectural project manager, a development project manager and an accountant. In the medium term, the number of employees will increase: the team will welcome civil engineering specialists as well as other profiles..

Our philosophy

We insist on delivering a high standard of service

to echo the corporate philosophy of the Landewyck Group. The key focus of our real estate business is to achieve long-term ROI and promote sustainable construction. Landimmo is customer service-oriented and has an open mindset with regards to employing and developing innovative solutions.

Our team

At your service

  • Jürgen Primm
    Jürgen Primm
    Managing Director
  • Karin Weber
    Karin Weber
    Personal Assistant/Property Manager
  • Claire Thill
    Claire Thill
    Project Manager – Architect
  • Cédric Bruch
    Cédric Bruch
    Project Manager - Development
  • Carlo Scaffidi
    Carlo Scaffidi